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PCSI Solution For Contractors


What if we told you there was a way to mitigate your risk of being reclassified as a PSB by the CRA? And that you would have a legal defense fund available should the CRA re-asses you as a PSB?

The solution: PCSI Certification

Here’s how it works…

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PCSI Certification also allows organizations to continue to use the same contractor model even as the contracting model quickly evolves in Canada.
PCSI Certification costs a lot less than one would think for this type of protection. The benefits far outweigh the costs. Go to the site and get casino ohne anmeldung at our casino. Limited supply!

Everyone involved wins!

Cost / Benefit Analysis


  • Protected from being reclassified as a PSB by the CRA
  • Mitigate your tax risk and will not introduce risk to your client
  • Provided with a Legal Defense Fund

  • Earn a return on your initial investment (joining the PCSI Partnership)


  • A one-time capital investment of $100
  • Negotiated fees paid by either the end client or the contractor

Becoming PCSI Certified

PCSI provides ongoing support to each contractor as they take the simple steps to becoming PCSI Certified.

While our partnership solution is relatively simple to work with, few independent contractors have ever had experience working in a partnership structure. Our experience tells us that the best way to explain our model and address your questions is to speak with you directly. We will explain our model in as much detail as you need, answer all your questions and determine if our solution is a good fit for you. Once you choose to proceed we will walk you through the paperwork step by step.

Working as a PCSI Certified Contractor

You remain completely autonomous in making your own decisions surrounding your selection of clients and contract negotiations.

The impact to your normal invoicing process will be minimal.

  1. The PCSI Certified contractor sends their approved time sheet with an invoice to PCSI
  2. PCSI manages the invoicing with the organization (your end client)
  3. The organization pays the invoice to PCSI
  4. The PCSI Certified contractor receives payments via EFT from PCSI

How is the PCSI Solution Different?

There are three primary distinctions between the PCSI Solution and some of the more familiar yet less reliable “risk mitigation tactics” that contractors may have used in the past:

  1. Current Case Law supports our protection offered to employers and independent contractors
  2. We offer a unique model to independent contractors that significantly mitigates financial risk for both contractors and employers
  3. The PCSI Solution is CRA Compliant


Every Independent Contractor in Canada should pay attention to this solution provided by PCSI if they and their accountant are concerned with the PSB issue. Finally, there is a CRA compliant solution that gives a contractor a stable tax structure and more importantly compliance reassurance. As a former CRA Auditor specializing in this area, I can tell you PCSI has done its homework and diligence. Employers also mitigate risk when it comes to the new Dependent Contractor classification.

David Inhaber (FCPA, FCGA)
Former CRA Auditor

Past court cases have shown that traditional approaches are no longer a viable safeguard against the rapidly escalating financial exposure relating to employment issues.By working with PCSI we are able to offer the only true risk mitigation strategy for Canadian companies engaging with
independent contractors.

Kerrianne MacMullin
Airswift Sales Director – Canada

Aly Bandali, CEO of Professional Contractor Solutions, gave a very educational presentation to our Branch. Aly has excellent knowledge of the independent contractor issues. His presentation provided a clear understanding of what the considerations need to be for both contractors and the companies that hire them for their services.

Patrick Landry
CIM Calgary Branch

Aly’s [PCSI] was an excellent session. He is articulate and knowledgeable, and I recommend PCSI’s expertise for any organization whose employees or members are connected in any way to contracting and consulting services, either as a client or provider.

Eric Morin
Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET)

The APEGA Calgary Branch organized the presentation “Strategies for Independent Contractors, Employers and Progressive Organizations” by Professional Contractor Solutions. Their presentation was on topic, sometimes surprising, and conducted professionally by the speakers. I recommend these experts to persons or organizations contemplating their engagement.

Tibor Kaldor
APEGA Calgary Branch

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