1. How does being PCSI Certified reduce my tax risk?

Becoming a partner in our unique partnership model and thereby becoming PCSI Certified helps you operate your business in a tax efficient and secure manner, which is especially important in light of recent Canada Revenue Agency regulatory changes. The PCSI partnership is a unique business model developed by leading tax experts to give you a reliable and predictable tax structure.

2. How will becoming PCSI Certified help my small business?

You become PCSI Certified when you invest in the PCSI Partnership. And investing in a partnership gets you in on the ground floor of an exciting new venture that can benefit you today and in the future. The same entrepreneurial spirit that motivates you drives us as well. Our business is servicing the needs of contractors. The revenue we make doing that goes back to our partners. As a partner, you get access to discounted benefits and services, and you earn a return on your capital investment in the form of annual partnership allocations. As PCSI revenue grows, so does your partnership capital. Branding – being PCSI certified will help differentiate you in the marketplace. You will be recognized as a contractor who has properly mitigated your tax risk and will not introduce risk to a hiring organization. You will also be recognized as being a member of a sophisticated partnership with access to executive level advice and support to help you grow your business.

3. How much does it cost to join the partnership and become PCSI Certified?

Your one-time investment to join the partnership is $100. Remember you earn a return on this initial investment in the form of annual partnership allocations.

4. What if I am PCSI Certified and I get audited by the CRA and go to Tax Court?

As a PCSI Certified contractor you are provided with a legal defense fund to protect you in tax court saving you thousands of dollars. Once you become PCSI Certified the time frame in which you can be protected begins the date you become a partner moving forward.

5. What if I currently work through a 3rd Party Recruitment Agency?

If you work with a 3rd Party Agency you are not currently protected from the PSB issue. However, because PCSI’s core mission revolves around maintaining the contractor model in Canada and striving to make our unique risk mitigating solution available to contractors across Canada you can access the PCSI Solution directly through PCSI.  Contact PCSI today to learn more by emailing info@pcsincorporated.ca or by calling 403-475-7274.

6. What kind of knowledge and expertise do you have?

The PCSI team has expertise in many of the areas that are important to independent contractors. We’ve also been studying the issues and compiling resources that can help you make your business more successful. These are a few of the topics we’ve researched:

  • Tax risk, tax planning
  • Barriers and gaps in the marketplace for small businesses
  • Best places to find services for independent contractors
  • New risks facing employers, specifically recent “dependent contractor” rulings
  • Ineffective strategies deployed by employers i.e. use of third party agencies

7. Why does PCSI focus on supporting independent contractors?

Although there are almost 3 million self-employed people in Canada, few companies are focused on providing service to them as a defined market. PCSI sees the independent contractor community as an important and integral part of the Canadian workforce, providing companies with flexibility and specialized expertise. We think it’s time contractors got the respect and services they deserve.

8. How does PCSI know the challenges I face as a contractor?

We’ve been there. The PCSI team includes reputable professionals who have executive-level business experience and are former independent contractors ourselves. During our careers, we sought out services for our businesses but found them lacking. Most importantly, our tax and legal experts understand the tax risks you may face by being deemed a Personal Service Business. We started PCSI to provide a solution rather than just sounding the warning bells, and to fill the service gap because we don’t think you should have to sacrifice security for the freedom and flexibility of being an independent contractor.

9. What kind of support can I expect from PCSI?

PCSI is in business to serve and support independent contractors. We act as a professional association for our clients. You can count on us to stay informed about the needs of independent contractors and continue to develop new ways to support them. As a partner, you have a voice and we encourage your feedback on the services and benefits we provide today as well as the ones we should offer in the future.

10. How will PCSI help me stay informed about the issues that affect me?

In our growing resource library found on our website, you’ll find the latest articles and case law information that can educate you on important issues and empower you to ask the tough questions about the best way to run your business safely and efficiently. We’ll also stay connected with you, providing updates and advice through ongoing communications and on our PCSI blog.

11. What does PCSI want to accomplish? 

PCSI wants to transform the way independent contractors work and how they access services. Part of that involves advocacy. We want to communicate the value and important role independent contractors play in Canada’s workforce. Protecting contractors and the contractor model is what fuels PCSI. We also want to be a reliable and easy-to-access resource for our partners.