About PCSI

PCSI began with a vision  to help independent professional contractors grow their small business by providing them access to benefits, services and, just as importantly, the decades of executive expertise associated with our team. Over time, we have extended the scope of our value chain to include contractors of all shapes and sizes as well as the companies that employ them.

We know what it’s like to be independent contractors and understand the challenges they face. We’ve been there. We’ve also sat on the other side of the boardroom table, making decisions at the executive level directly related to the deployment of independent contractors. We’ve spent the last few years studying all of the pertinent issues from every angle.

Based on everything we’ve learned over that time period, our legal, taxation and financial experts then developed a unique business model that reduces the tax and severance risks that have become increasingly burdensome to both contractors and companies across Canada.

Additionally, we wanted to go well beyond simply offering the most basic services to contractors and now have aligned with an impressive selection of niche service providers who are highly qualified to meet a contractor’s unique needs and in turn can help to transform the way contractors do business.

The team at PCSI is innovative and extremely passionate about maintaining the contractor model in Canada. It is our mission to make our unique risk mitigation solution available to every contractor and organization across Canada.