Professional Contractor Solutions Inc. (PCSI) is a professional services provider offering a full complement of mission-critical administrative services for contractors and the companies that manage these resources, providing the opportunity for both to significantly mitigate risk and ultimately preserve the contractor model. The unique PCSI model helps alleviate the tax, severance and legal exposure for all involved. We are not a 3rd party recruitment agency.

PCSI’s unique model significantly reduces the risk of contractors being deemed to be “dependent” on the organization with whom they are engaged and in turn distances the company from a host of severance, potential tax and legal obligations that would otherwise be associated with those contractors. The unique PCSI Solution is available to Canadian companies and contractors.

How is the PCSI Solution Different?

There are two primary distinctions between the PCSI Solution and some of the more familiar yet less reliable “risk mitigation tactics” that employers may have used in the past:

  1. Current Case Law supports our protection offered to employers and independent contractors
  2. We offer a unique model to independent contractors that significantly mitigates financial risk for both contractors and employers

Click here to watch a short video about PCSI and our value proposition.